Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tell me three things

Think of 3 things that you really enjoyed during the module.

3 things that you did not like about the module (product design- Electronics) and

3 things that you would do to make the module better.

put your answers in the comment box.


  1. Three things i enjoyed:
    1. 2D design;
    2.vacuum former;
    3.drilling holes in the PCB.
    Three things that i didn't like about the module:
    1. soldering on the components;
    2.hot glue gunning the night light together;
    3.the teacher should get more support.
    Three things that i would do to make this a better module:
    1.more help;
    2.more time to complete the project;
    3.make more night lights!

  2. 3 things I enjoyed:
    1. 2d Design;
    2. Drilling holes into PCB;
    3. Soldering PCB.
    3 things i did not enjoy:
    1. vectorising my designs;
    2. glue gunning my light together;
    3. not having help to make nightlight
    3 things I would do to make a better nightlight:
    1. More help and guidance;
    2. less rush to make nightlights;
    3. more practise for making nightlights.

  3. 3 things i enjoyed:
    2d design, soldering+pillar drill

    3 things i didnt enjoy:
    hot glue gun, vectorising my ideas+all of the drawings

    3 things i would do to make this a better module:
    have more time to make the nightlight, think more carefully about how i do things+make moree

  4. 3 things i enjoyed:-
    soldering my PCB , drilling holes , and seeing the finished product
    3 things I didn't enjoy:-
    hot glue gun , all the designing , and workbooks
    3 things I would do to make this module better:-
    Practice, more time , and making more than 1:)

  5. The one above is Charlie Barnett's

    I don't know why it came up with 'chaz361'

  6. 3 Things I enjoyed:
    1. Using the soldering iron
    2. Painting the base
    3. Seeing the designs being cut out with the laser cutter

    3 Things I didn't enjoy:
    1. Having to put our designs in our book
    2. Putting the designs on the computer
    3. Colouring in and annotating

    3 Things I would change:
    1. Have more time to design
    2. Be able to practice more
    3. Be able to finish designs on time!

  7. Things I enjoyed ...
    1. Painting Base
    2. 2d Design
    3. Pillar Drilling

    Things I didn't enjoy ...
    1. Drawing out designs
    2. Learning about machine safety
    3. Doing bookwork

    Things i would change ...
    1. Work faster to finish on time
    2. Talk less
    3. Do a more interesting design on wooden base