Wednesday, 7 May 2014

7th May

Finish Collecting 3 images of existing night lights
Remember it can be any image of an existing night light and can also be drawn if you do not have access to a computer.


Describe the :look and who it is for (Target market-  e.g. boys or girls, brother or sister, teenagers etc.)
                   What is the function of your chosen night light?
                   Describe 3 things about each night light you like.
                   Create or suggest 3 things about each night light you would change or improve.

This must be done as a presentation or word document and emailed to  posted to Mckenziect. It must be saved as your name and NL analysis. E.g mrmckenzie NL analysis.

If you are finished-
Create a storyboard, cartoon or comic strip -of how you will be creating your night light.

But first- What is a planning sheet? And why is it important? Use the computers to find out.

Here is an example of how to make a cup of tea. 

Remember to write each step so that if you gave this to a friend they could make your night light.

Start with..... I looked at existing night lights to research function and target market.
Step 2: I then created four design ideas and annotated them.

Here are some Key words to help: soldering iron, electrical components, 2d design, laser cutter, vacuum former, painting, testing, evaluating

If You are really stuck use the link below
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